To Our Members:

          On behalf of the Executive Board of the Lee County Historical & Genealogical Society (LCHGS) of Dixon, I would like to invite all of you, our members, to our next monthly meeting. This is a very special meeting and will be held at 7pm, on June 8, 2015, at the Loveland Community House in Dixon.

The program for the evening will be a DVD documentary, produced by Jed Henry, and entitled “Honoring a Commitment”, the story of Lawrence S. Gordon, (see attached)

Lawrence was KIA in France on Aug 13th 1944 and remained as unidentified in a German grave until our private research team, using modern DNA technology was able to find, identify and bring home his remains for burial on Aug 13th 2014, 70 years to the day after he was killed in action.

Please come and join us for this heartwarming story that I had the honor to be a part of. Refreshments will be served and the Loveland Building is handicapped accessible. My only request is that you give us a call with an approximate number of attendees so we may better plan our evening. This is not required but would be helpful as we hoping for a large turnout.

If you need more information feel free to call my cell at (815) 440-5965, our library at (815) 284-1134 or email me at Leecountyhgs@gmail.com

Patrick Gorman

Pres. LCHGS in Dixon