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For Sale

1894 Map of Dixon Unframed $10, Framed $25
Ceramic Tile, Log Cabin (Purdy Barber) $20
Christmas Ornament – Historic Buildings $2.50 each
Coaster Black Marble, Set of 4 with wooden base $55
“Dixon March” (Professor W.F. Strong) $5
Dixon Post Cards – assorted $1 each or 6 for $5
Dixon Illinois and the Great War (Duane Paulsen) $15
“Father” John Dixon’s account Books $5
Historical Reminiscences (George Lamb) $10
History of Dixon Fire Department (M. Misner) $15
Lincoln Highway Across Illinois (Belden & O’Brien) $22
Relentless, Envious Death (A.K. Thompson) $21.30
Remembering Ronald Reagan ( Loveland Museum) $5
Tile, Black Marble, 5″x7″, Dixon Views $20 each
Weddings of the Past $7

All prices include taxes but not shipping.