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 The Lee County Histories Index was created by our society to aid research efforts. The index is of twenty-two different county and town histories. Keep in mind that our library contains many more histories that are not indexed. See our Research Policy for information on look-ups and copies. * Entries in the starred references are in the LCHGS Every Name Index

I.  General Histories

*Bardwell, A. C.  History of Lee County.  ©1904

  Barge, William D.  Early Lee County.  ©1918

*Biographical Publishing Co.  Portrait and Biographical Record of Lee County.  ©1892

Fellows, Dana.  Pictorial History of Lee County Schools.  ©2007

*Hill, H. H.  History of Lee County.  ©1881

Lamb, George.  Historical Reminiscences.  ©1968

*Lee County Columbian Club.  Recollections of the Pioneers of Lee County.  ©1893*Lee County Historical Society.  Historical Yearbook 1976.  ©1977

Lee County Historical Society.  Memories of Yesteryear, vols. 1 – 6.  ©1993-1998

*Paulsen, Duane and Viola.  History of Dixon and Palmyra 1830-1880. [reprint]  ©1980

*Stevens, Frank E.  History of Lee County Illinois Illustrated, vol 1.  ©1914

*Stevens, Frank E.  History of Lee County Illinois Illustrated, vol 2.  ©1914

 II.  Town Specific Histories

*AMBOY.  Becker, Anthony.  The Biography of a Small Town.  ©1954

AMBOY.  Hinkle, Darlene et al.  Amboy Illinois:  1854-2004  ©2004

*AMBOY.  Paulsen.  Memories of the Green River Ordnance Plant 1942-1945.  ©1995

*ASHTON.  Dean, Robert.  The Ashton Story.  ©1987, 1993

*COMPTON.  Compiled.  Compton Centennial 1875-1975.  ©1975

*DIXON.  Lamb, George.  Dixon:  A Pictorial History.  ©1987

ELDENA.  Glessner, Robert L.  Eldena, Illinois Founded July 10 1863   ©2005

FRANKLIN GROVE.  Compiled.  Citizens and Neighbors 1835-1945.  Undated

FRANKLIN GROIVE.  Compiled.  The Helmershausen Collection, 14 vols.  Udated

*FRANKLIN GROVE.  LCGS.  Memories of the Franklin Grove Methodist Church.  Undated

*FRANKLIN GROVE.  LCGS.  100 Years of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Undated

GRAND DETOUR.  Paulsen, Duane.  Grand Detour, Illinois 1835-2002.  ©2003

*HARMON.  Porter, John L.  History of Harmon Township.  ©1918

*LEE.  Edited.  Lee Centennial 1874-1974.  ©1974

*MELUGIN’S GROVE.  Montavon, Lewis E.  History of Melugin’s Grove.  ©1972

NACHUSA.  compiled.  Articles in Binder.  Undated

*OHIO.  Edited.  Ohio Centennial 1877-1977.  ©1977

PAW PAW.  Compiled.  A History of Paw Paw, Illinois 1882-1982.    ©1982

*STEWARD.   Thompson, Ernest.  History of the Town of Steward.  ©1905

*STEWARD.  Compiled.  History of Steward Illinois 1870-1970.  ©1970

*SUBLETTE.  Compiled.  Sublette, Illinois:  Our Bit of U.S.A..    ©1957

SUBLETTE.  Compiled.  Celebrating Our Sesquicentennial 1854-2004.  ©2004

VAN PETTEN.  Brandon, Dave and Babe.  The Town of Van Petten.  UndatedWEST BROOKLYN.  Compiled.  A History of West Brooklyn, Illinois 1894-1994.  ©1994

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