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03 May-Jun 2024

May-June 2024 Newsletter

We just may have put winter behind us. I’ve been
anxious to get a garden planted. The seed packages
are on the counter in the kitchen, and this weekend I’ll
be digging, planting, watering, and putting up a
rabbit-proof fence. Well, there is no way to really
rabbit-proof anything. Last year, our well fenced in
garden just turned into a nursery for mother rabbit to
keep track of her little ones.


March-April 2024 Newsletter

It’s hard to believe, I am already two months into
my third term as president of the Lee County Historical
and Genealogical Society, and enjoying every moment
of it, although time has gone by too quickly. I wonder
if our traveling snowbirds felt the same as they are
returning home to roost once more, all the while, hoping
each day that passes prior to their arrival, the weather
continues to bring the warmth of spring in Illinois.
Like the spring flowers emerging to bloom, we too
are ready to emerge with the beginning of ‘monthly
evening programs’ and refreshing speakers each with
unique information to share.


Jan-Feb 2024 Newsletter

Thanks to all our Volunteers and Members for a
wonderful year. We’ve been delighted with your
questions, challenged with yourrequests, and thrilled for
all the membership renewals as well as new ones.
I’d like to recap what took place this year, regarding
how well we work with our Lee County Communities.
Provided information about past and present
businesses, homes, schools, churches, cemeteries,
landmarks, and properties.
Provided education during the 4th Grade
Architectural Tours with historic information about
President’s Park, such as, Young Lincoln-the soldier;
Fort Dixon; Dixon Ferry; John Dixon; Old Settler’s
Cabin; In 2024 we will work at incorporating the history
of Truesdell Bridge.


November – December 2023 Newsletter

Wow, it’s November already. I really enjoy the
breathtaking changes of colors that nature provides us,
with bursts of yellows, splashes of variations of reds and
oranges in trees and bushes. It’s a lovely time to take a
drive to Lowell Park or Route 2 to Oregon. What’s even
better is to share the scenic outing with a friend or
neighbor that is unable make the trip themselves. It’s
sure to bring a smile to all.


September-October 2023 Newsletter

Pleased to report that the program held in July,
“How Dixon Became the Great Stagecoach Transfer
Station” by Tom Wadsworth, was a magnificent success
with 86 in attendance. Several of which were eager to
stay around to have refreshments and discussions with
Tom. Our special Thanks to Pastor Tim Mitchell and
Jodi who made this all possible by opening their doors
and accommodating our needs.


July – August 2023 Newsletter

The past two months simply flew by – during which
was very beneficial to the society. In May, the
“Something for Everyone Sale” at the Loveland
Community House was a great deal of work. Bonus of
the day was visiting with our members that came in, as
well as making new friends. Most importantly, we
fulfilled the desires of a very special LCHGS member
who donated all proceeds of the sale to the Lee County
Historical Society.


May-June 2023 Newsletter

“Dixon’s Darkest Day” was the program held on
Founders Day, April 11th. at the Loveland Community
House was well attended and received with positive
feedback by the public. Program presenter was Tom
Wadsworth on the topic of the Truesdell bridge disaster
and the effects it had on bridges already built and those
to be built in the future. Thank you, Tom, for the
outstanding in-depth program. We’re looking forward to
May with the dedication of memorial signs to be placed
in Presidents Park.


March-April 2023 Newsletter

I’d like to begin by saying THANK YOU to each
and every LCHGS member as well as the community for
your support in making the fundraiser a success. You
each made a difference, by purchasing a ticket, and/or
passing the information on by word-of-mouth. We are
pleased to share with you that $1500 was raised. We
were not the only ones surprised by the outcome, Larry
Yardley was thrilled that his ticket was pulled out and
his name announced as the winner of the raffle. He
couldn’t wait to get home and present the beautiful ring
to his wife. Congratulations Larry!


January – February 2023 Newsletter

Dear Members and
These last two months have been so busy. November was memorable. Members had great pleasure
in participating in the 4ᵗʰ grade architectural tour in Dixon. This year’s judging was a difficult
task. All their projects were outstanding. I was impressed to see the artistic displays in the form
of drawings, 3-D, and 2-D, models of buildings and historic Dixon icons. Each project represented
the knowledge students learned on their tour of some of the oldest buildings in our town. Grea
le that participated this


March – April Newsletter 2021

Dear Members and Friends of LCHGS,
Here we are at the official “1-year closed” newsletter. Our doors closed in the middle of March 2020.
My hope is to get all the volunteers vaccinated and then our doors will open for all. As of the end of this month, I will be done with my vaccinations and 2 weeks out. So, if you promise to wear a mask, we will be ok with a reservation being made for a visit to do research at the center. This would be starting April 1st, 2021. If you email the center, we will receive it right away and arrange for a volunteer to work with you. If you call the center, I might not see that you have called for a couple days. So, last minute people will have to email us at leecountyhgs@gmail.com.
On the 21st of March we will celebrate spring!Someone said they saw a robin frolicking in the snow this past weekend. Poor robin. We haven’t seen grass for a very long time.