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Dixon Telegraph 1851-1947
Not included in this index. We are currently re-indexed these newspapers and will be posted in the future.

Dixon Telegraph 1948-2003
These years are included.

Amboy News 1882-1886
Although the we have film of the paper form 1882 to 1994, only a small portion has been indexed as of yet. We are hopeful that in the future we will index more.

Amboy Journal 1856-1879
This paper was know under several different names: Lee County Times, Amboy Times, Lee County Journal, Amboy Journal. Again this paper is currently being indexed. The paper cover the years of 1856 to 1913. It happens to be the only Lee County newspaper that is on microfilm that covers the Civil War. Those years, 1860-63, of the Telegraph are missing.

Paw Paw News
The Paw Paw New has been indexed from September of 1874 to March of 1876. More of it will be indexed as time and volunteers allow. 

Lee County Times (Paw Paw)
The Lee County Times was published in Paw Paw from April of 1882 to August of 1958. The process of index this paper has not begun.

Dixon Star & Sun
These 76 rolls of microfilm are the newest addition to our newspaper collection. It contains newspapers with eight different titles, spanning forty-one years, the earliest being 1873 and the latest 1914. We have just started to index these and will be a number of years before we have completed them.

The newspaper titles are: Dixon Daily Leader, Dixon Star, Dixon Daily Star, Dixon Daily News, Dixon Sun, Dixon Daily Sun, Dixon Simi-Weekly Sun, and Dixon Weekly Sun.


Important Please Read

The style of this index resembles an every name index. An every name index lists everyone regardless of the entries importance. Because of the style of news reporting in the late 1800’s many important events just mentioned individuals. Events like births, deaths and marriages, didn’t always give complete information.

Some of the types of newspaper entries that were indexed are; vital records, family relationships and lists. Some of the lists were for school or jury duty. Entries that show relationships: s/o is son of, f/o is father of, d/o daughter of, etc….

Please look at the description carefully before asking for copies of the entries.

Before you request copies of entries please consider having the name researched. A research request covers this index and many more. See the research policy for more information.

ID (key)SurnameFirstMiddleDatePCDescriptionNewspaperRoll
ID (key)SurnameFirstMiddleDatePCDescriptionNewspaperRoll